How is All Packaging Services different from other custom box manufacturers?

We’re an honest team of professionals located in Ohio, who can offer you thoughtful, expert advice on stock and custom packaging needs and programs.

We’ve built custom packaging programs and supplied packaging to thousands of businesses and advertising agencies across the United States, in addition to our other business clients located in Akron, Canton and Cleveland, Ohio.

Does All Packaging Services offer any other packaging products or services?

Yes. In addition to custom boxes and stock boxes, we’ve got a rich supply of packaging supplies. You name it. Paper & plastic bags, foam padding & inserts, shipping labels, printed tape and even packaging design services are available.

Our History

When I founded the company in February of 2005 it was with the ideal of supporting my clients with the best materials and services to help them increase sales and packaging efficiencies.

Through the years we have learned to view each project as an open book. With all the products available at our disposal we formulate the best working plan to ship products.
We continue to build programs, products, and services for the future growth and opportunities ahead.

It would not be possible without our valued partners, clients, and advisors of which I thank. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and build a partnership that is beneficial for your future growth.


Scott Allen

Have Questions?

To speak with our packaging team, call us at (330) 835-9703 or click below to contact us via email. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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